Before there is a building there is first a well-developed idea.  From Capital planning and ROI analysis to a thorough Business plan review, VANY takes pride in this step since it is the corner-stone of a successful project.  Our goal is to focus and clarify the goal before the first sketch has even been produced.



Treating your investment as a product in the marketplace requires market knowledge.  VANY members have specific agency experience in developing and executing a Brand strategy that will help you differentiate your product.  From identifying your target audience, to establishing Brand guidelines, we feel this step is not only crucial in real estate but informs the physical design process that follows.

Urban Planning


From the creation of enhanced revenue generation of land holdings, to the creation of exquisite solutions of landscape architecture projects, VANY partners provide innovative and sustainable solutions to city planning and regional planning projects through to site master planning and landscape architecture of the most intricate detail. VANY partners provide cutting-edge services in the design of arid landscape solutions; as a result many of our projects are currently located in these environments.



Having been the key designers on some remarkable world class airports, VANY partners have the expertise, experience and in-depth knowledge of these particularly complicated building types.  Aided with computer models for design analysis, VANY partners can create transportation solutions from viability studies to international terminals.



Hotel and Resort real estate are among the more complex property types because they are not just buildings to be leased out but rather well branded businesses.  Having worked for top hoteliers, like Schrager, and Balazs to name a few, VANY partners boast specialized knowledge, perspective and experience to manage world class  Hotel developments.

Buildings & Mixed  Use Architecture


With built work around the world VANY partners are established architects with a passion for compelling and elegant structures.  If there is anything that we have in common, it’s the commitment to build clearly, to build a powerful idea.

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