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We assist Brand agencies, Architecture firms, Real Estate developers and entrepreneurs give voice and form to their ideas for the built environment.

Design Thinking

Concept Design


We help focus ideas and design objectives with a design thinking approach.  There is no design here, just research,  head scratching and some clever out of the box thinking that yields a unique solution.

From initial ideas, informed by strategy and brand, we develop concept design ideas and preliminary visuals.  The concept is developed both as a program and a design solution.  Design is the execution of an idea, this is where it happens.

Seeing is believing, there is no better way to tell the story that your project wants to tell than with compelling marketing content.  It is a natural continuation of the concept design phase, only now we help you convince the rest of the world.

Thinking Out-loud

Design Not Thinking – Turning Radius

If design is the execution of an idea, then this picture is a testament to the importance of correctly executing an idea. This is a wonderfully clear example of how NOT to design a bike path in a dense urban environment, the picture brilliantly captures the side...

Good bye to a Great Idea

  I realize I am woefully late to lament the Royalton’s remodeling, roughly 10 years too late to be precise, but sometimes it takes that long to feel the void of an idea.  While walking along 44th street last night it hit me how fortunate I had been to experience and...

Aspiration as a Design Element in Urban Planning

  Abstract Among the many challenges that Urban Planning faces in developing countries none is more readily solved and yet more often ignored than the perception and aspiration of belonging to something meaningful. Mega developments, utopian visions and unfulfilled...


This powerful app and camera has everything you need to concentrate on what’s really important while you walk; your smartphone screen.

Our curious ability to un-see

its not easy to forget a visual. This fact is particularly important when creating a visualization and should be kept at the forefront of your decision making process.

Architecture is branding

It strikes me as funny, that after having been a professional designer for my entire adult life, the realization that design is a perceived value has only recently come around full circle. As I prepare notes for this paper I find myself blowing the dust off of various...

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