A New Vision for Bangladesh
Using Aspiration as a Key Design Element in Urban Planning.

Pedestrian City

Making New Dhaka a truly human-scale walk able city.  The city is designed around the pedestrian, not the car or the buildings.

Neighborhood Focused

Keeping local scale small – allowing neighborhoods do grow together into meaningful communities.

Give Back

Utilizing a form of the one-for-one business model and an Open Source architectural drawings library, New Dhaka is ready to give back.

Md. Mizanur Rahman
Chairman & CEO of the Bestway Group

“Bestway Group is not just a regular business venture, we are a promoter of good living.

Our aim is not just to be a corporate powerhouse but a harbinger of better living standards by providing & satisfying the needs and requirements of human beings on this planet.”

How can New Dhaka grow while also helping others?

We have boiled it down to 5 elements:


Pedestrian City


Organically Ordered


Neighborhood Focused


Signature Nodes


Give Back

A New Business District

Our economic foundation is that all levels of commerce are welcome and encouraged to flourish, from the street vendor to international firms.


An easily expandable prefabricated modular solution to the critical component of proper sewage, water and power distribution. Once installed there is no further need to excavate for maintenance or repair, eliminating road closures that snarl traffic and services.

Compact Growth

Also known as ‘Smart Growth’, is the urban planning concept that concentrates the city in easily walkable areas while reducing infrastructure sprawl.

Rain Harvesting

The canopy on the NDWalkway acts as a large funnel, directing the rain water into reservoirs.

We propose using the current technology in use in India to filter and distributes the harvested water through public dispensing machines, similar to a bank’s ATM.

Pre-Fab Market stands

Using standard 10′ shipping containers, easily converted to independent, securable and powered market stands, New Dhaka welcomes the street merchant to become part of the city fabric.

International Conference

The New Dhaka Urban Research Institute will host an annual international conference, DhaCon, on urban planning to explore and discuss the latest trends, with a special emphasis on developing countries.


Priyo Prangon Tower

19 Kemal Ataturk Avenue

Banani, Dhaka

+88 029821411